Web Design

We build our clients their dream websites!

We design and build professional, bespoke and beautiful fully responsive websites. Every website is built to meet the unique requirements of each client. Website Hero has over 12 years of experience building websites. We are always making sure that our designs and frameworks match up to the latest standards and quality that is expected for a modern website.

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All our websites are built to be responsive by default. So Whether it's a desktop monitor or a small handheld device, your site will always look its best to give users a uniformed experience on all devices. These days more and more people are accessing the web while on the go, before the age of responsive websites if you wanted a good experience for mobile users you needed a second site for them which meant more work, more cost and generally more hassle. With responsive design, you just have one site that is dynamic enough to adapt to all screen sizes.


Website Hero builds fully functional websites with beautifully crafted elements and effects. No matter what type of site you need there is always a way to make sure it looks amazing. Simple animations or full-on sliders and effects. A website that looks amazing will keep users engaged. If you have a plain page with little or no images or graphics purely made of text you will find that it does not provide a great user experience. Something that is pleasing to the eye will automatically become more interesting.


Our aim is to provide you with a professional website that will help you boost your brand and increase traffic. We like to take the time to find out what our clients do in order to tailor their website to match their specific needs. We love a challenge so get in touch (link here) and let us know about your project needs.


Why settle for the same as someone else? Take your site a step further and get a unique and personal touch. Our service gives you a truly bespoke website suited to your brand requirements whether its bold colours, subtle stylings or luxurious effects. As a website owner, you want your site to stand out from the rest. A unique website will be more interesting to your visitors. People will want to read your content and if you are selling things or looking for subscribers then a bespoke website that stands out from the rest is exactly what you need.


Many people think that good quality websites are extremely expensive. Well you are wrong! One of the amazing things about our service is that we always offer you a competitive rate and if you can find the exact same thing for less we will always do our best to match or beat it. We understand that most people dont have a corporate sized budget for their website. That's only one of the reasons to let us be your Website Hero!


We make sure all our websites work to the latest standards and are compressed and optimised for high performance when being hosted. Especially if you host your site with us too. Your brand new website will able to respond quickly and load without any issues. Further to that your website will be SEO friendly, or if you prefer we can also configure your SEO settings for you.

Easy to use

Majority of our websites are built using WordPress. This means you have a powerful yet easy to use dashboard at your fingertips that allows you to manage your own website, from just typing up a blog to editing your own page content and more. Managing your site is really easy. To make things even easier we are happy to teach you how to manage your site and change things at no extra cost!


As we mentioned above, we like building sites on WordPress. Most modern sites are Content Management Systems (CMS). In short, when used for a website a CMS is a digital content publishing platform, it's a system that allows users to create and edit various types of content. In 2017 WordPress powered more than 50% of all CMS websites which is a huge number of websites. It is a sturdy platform with a huge community of contributors adding fixes and features every day. Because of this, you can be sure that the core system is secure and to be even safer we also secure your website and install free security software to make sure that your site stays safe and secure! All of this means that you can sleep easy at night knowing your website and its data are safe.

Contact us now to get your own personalised quote for a brand new website

Web Design FAQs

What are your prices like?

As every website is different there is no set price. However, the price for a small basic website would be from £250. Please contact us to get a personalised quote

How long does it take?

From start to finish it can normally take at least a few weeks. However, this really depends on the site, complexity and scale of the website. It also depends on how fast our clients can respond to us as well, delayed responses can slow down the process.

What are the payment terms?

After discussing the site and providing an agreed upon quote a 25% deposit is to be paid. The final 75% is to be paid after the site is finished and the client has approved the website but before the site is hosted live.

Please note that the initial quote may be increased as the work progresses if the client decides to add more to their site than initially agreed. This will be discussed at the time in order for the client to approve any cost increases. Unless the additional work is substantial there will be no need for additional deposits.

Our prices vs other companies?

We generally find that our website prices are unbeatable. from what we can tell, a website around £500 from us would normally cost you at least £2000 elsewhere. This is why we are proud to offer our services as our rates are very competitive and affordable without sacrificing any quality.

Do you offer any support?

Yes, we do! Initially, we will support you as you are getting used to your site and learning how to operate it (if you want to). After that, we are always here to help if you need it. If you host your website on our hosting platform then you will also receive hands-on support through our management service. Please go to our hosting page for details.

Why WordPress?

There are far too many reasons to list here. Essentially, it’s a fast, open source, flexible system that is constantly updated and patched with the latest security fixes. It has a market share of over 50% of all CMS websites and is being used by small bloggers all the way to massive corporate sites. We actually recommend that you do some research yourself such as google things like “why use WordPress”.