Web Hosting

Our hosting platform is affordable, fast, reliable and secure!

All our web hosting packages use high-performance hardware, high-speed network connections, the latest security measures and optimised software to bring you the best hosting experience possible.

Our plans all include FREE SSL Certificates, access to multiple versions of PHP from 5.6 to the latest stable 7.x version. We also provide access to backup facilities and monitoring services.

Behind the scenes: We optimise our platform to give our clients a blazingly fast experience whether it’s static websites or dynamic CMS systems like WordPress. We have some trade secrets but some of the more commonly known solutions that we use are HTTP/2, Redis Cache, The latest versions of PHP & OpCache, PHP-FPM for high availability and MariaDB for improved SQL databases and much more.

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  • Starter

  • £1.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • 1GB Disk Quota
    • 1GB Bandwidth
    • 5 FTP Accounts
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • 2 Email Lists
    • 5 Databases
    • 2 Sub Domains
    • 2 Parked Domains
    • 1 Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

  • Basic

  • £5.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • 2GB Disk Quota
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • 7 FTP Accounts
    • 7 Email Accounts
    • 3 Email Lists
    • 7 Databases
    • 7 Sub Domains
    • 3 Parked Domains
    • 3 Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

  • Small

  • £9.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • 5GB Disk Quota
    • 10GB Bandwidth
    • 7 FTP Accounts
    • 10 Email Accounts
    • 5 Email Lists
    • 10 Databases
    • 10 Sub Domains
    • 10 Parked Domains
    • 5 Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

Most Popular
  • Medium

  • £14.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • 10GB Disk Quota
    • 20GB Bandwidth
    • 15 FTP Accounts
    • 15 Email Accounts
    • 10 Email Lists
    • 15 Databases
    • 15 Sub Domains
    • 15 Parked Domains
    • 10 Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

  • Large

  • £19.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • 25GB Disk Quota
    • 50GB Bandwidth
    • 100 FTP Accounts
    • 100 Email Accounts
    • 25 Email Lists
    • 100 Databases
    • 50 Sub Domains
    • 100 Parked Domains
    • 25 Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

  • Extra Large

  • £24.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • 50GB Disk Quota
    • 100GB Bandwidth
    • 200 FTP Accounts
    • 200 Email Accounts
    • 50 Email Lists
    • 200 Databases
    • 100 Sub Domains
    • 200 Parked Domains
    • 50 Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

  • Max

  • £49.99/mo
    • cPanel/WHM
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • Unmetered * Disk Quota
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Email Lists
    • Unlimited Databases
    • Unlimited Sub Domains
    • Unlimited Parked Domains
    • Unlimited Addon Domains (additional hosted sites)

Web Hosting FAQs

How long does it take to set up my account?

Accounts are set up automatically once payment has been confirmed. You will generally receive an email within a few minutes confirming your account details.

Can I change my plan or purchase addons?

In short, yes you can. You have the ability to change plans or purchase addons in the client portal. Alternatively you can submit a support ticket or contact us direct to arrange this

What kind of network speeds will we get?

Currently all our servers are supplied with 1000Mbps (1 Gigabit) connections to provide high speed access to all clients and their websites.  These servers are connected to redudant networks and backed up with DDoS Protection at the data centre level to ensure maximum availability.

What kind of servers do you use?

We only use good quality dedicated machines. Which means we have full control and use of our own hardware. All our servers are high spec and use at least Octa-core  (8 core) Intel Xeon Processors with a minimum of 32GB of RAM. New machines will be added as required and we will never overload them either to ensure best performance for all clients.

Ok, what about the server side software?

All our servers use WHM / cPanel, so the hosting control panel is second to none. Other features include: Latest stable versions of PHP all with PHP-FPM support which allows high volume traffic to your sites.  MariaDB for high performance databases. Redis which is an in memory (RAM) Database, we use this to reduce calls to disk and drastically improve load times. This is just a scratch at the surface! If you want to find out more please contact us

Is the hosting secure?

While we won’t go into specific details (to maintain security) we can happily say  that yes, our hosting platform and accounts are secure. Each server has a firefwall configure, each server also have AV Scanners. We also make use of WAFs (Web application firewalls) Such as Mod Security to further lock down website security. Further to this if using wordpress we recommend using WordFence as an extra layer of wordpress specific security. This is not an exhaustive list just a brief example of some of the security measures in place.